Rev. Ossiny Jean
Pastor Ossiny Jean is the founding and senior Pastor of the Eben-Ezer Christian & Missionary Alliance Church. He was born and raised in Montay Lavoute, Haiti. Pastor Ossiny was the youngest of 3 siblings born to his parents Demaes & Elizabeth Jean. In 1971, he graduated from the Bolosse Bible Seminary in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He served as Youth Leader at the Premier Eglise Baptiste de Port-au-Prince where the late Rev. Cenofa Point-du-Jour was pastor and mentor to Pastor Ossiny. Pastor Ossiny led a fellowship of over 300 young people who went on to do great things in the Lord, in Haiti and abroad. This is where Pastor Ossiny developed a wealth of experience and a heart for God’s people.

He immigrated to the U.S. alone in July, 1971, leaving behind his wife, Mathild, and their 2 children. In 1973 they were rejoined together in the U.S., and the family grew to include 6 children in total. Pastor Ossiny worked feverishly to provide for his family while also serving as a spiritual leader within the developing Haitian community in the Northern New Jersey area. In 1981, after much prayer, Pastor Ossiny & Mathild, along with their 3 children at the time, felt the call of God to begin a Haitian fellowship in Vailsburg Newark, in the living room of their home. Pastor Ossiny’s ministry served the spiritual and social support needs of the new Haitian immigrants arriving in the area. Many people were drawn to the warmth and hospitality of the new ministry.

Within a few months, the living room fellowship grew significantly, and was moved to a more official location on South Orange Avenue. In 1982, Pastor Ossiny received the support of the Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination and the Eben-Ezer Christian & Missionary Alliance Church was born.

For the past 31 years, Pastor Ossiny has remained a spiritual pillar within the Haitian Christian Community of New Jersey. His compassion and hospitality throughout the years has won him the affectionate name of ‘Papi Sini’, by those who have been blessed by his ministry. Pastor Ossiny continues to serve the community and the members of Eben-Ezer Church. Even after the sudden passing of his wife and church co-founder, in 2010, Pastor Ossiny remained steadfast, committed, and strong to the ministry of Eben-Ezer Church. Most recently, through his determined leadership, he led the major renovation construction project of the Eben-Ezer Church. His slogan for our church during this time was “Coeur a Coeur, Main dans la Main (Hand in Hand, Heart to Heart). In April of 2013, Pastor Ossiny dedicated the renovated temple of Eben-Ezer Church and the members of the congregation to the Lord. Pastor Ossiny is very pleased and honored to have been allowed by God, to build a temple to the Glory of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

As Pastor Ossiny always says, if you are not in church or if you are searching for a church home, please make Eben-Ezer C&MA Church, YOUR CHURCH!

Associate Pastor Chrispin Wancique
For over 17 years, Pastor Chrispin Wancique faithfully has served the Lord as a member of Eben-Ezer Christian & Missionary Alliance Church of Newark, New Jersey. Chrispin’s passion and gift lies in the area of verse by verse exposition. He makes the Bible clear and demonstrates the relevance of God’s word to everyday life without compromising the centrality of Christ and the Gospel. He and his wife Nirsy have been married for 13 years and reside in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.